What is Vida Nueva?

"Excellence in leadership; doers of the word are not hearers only" - James 1:22

Vida Nueva (VN) prepares young people for adulthood and leadership in their homes, schools, churches, and work environments through a series of talks, chapels, discussions and other activities. Using a team of both youth and adults, Vida Nueva addresses current relevant issues in the lives of young people such as singleness, marriage, and personal relationships. Vida Nueva also gives instruction in personal prayer, study, Christian service and the purpose of the church.  Through Vida Nueva, young people come face to face with God's immediate will for their lives. By providing a strong, Biblical foundation for a sound Christian walk, Vida Nueva enables young people to overcome the temptations that are common in their environments.  For example, some youth who have attended have been able to kick their dependence on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Others have sworn to keep themselves morally pure and vowed abstinence until marriage. Once a young person completes a Vida Nueva weekend, he/she is encouraged to go back to their church and become involved in their Youth Group, College and Career Class, or Church program. Many young people become involved in teaching or leading Sunday School Classes or small groups. 


Vida Nueva provides opportunities for further training and growth through activities such as Secuelas, reunions for the Pescadores (youth who have completed a VN weekend).  These special gatherings enable Pescadores to share with one another and receive further encouragement in their walk.  Also, Pescadores are invited to return and serve on weekends providing the same service and love that they received on their weekends.

In Short...

Vida Nueva is an ecumenical, evangelical Christian retreat weekend and movement. It encourages teenagers to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to live as Christians.

Vida Nueva:

  • Is Spanish for “New Life”.
  • Is a three-day weekend that typically spans Thursday evening through Sunday evening.
  • Is a weekend of living in community.
  • Embodies personal witness, but is not a revival meeting.
  • Involves group dynamics, but is not group therapy.
  • Employs Christian instruction, but is not a church school.
  • Does have follow-up activities, but is not a church substitute.
  • Is an experience with Jesus Christ.

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